Polychromal Products

DSE-50 Aluprinter

The DSE-50 is a compact flatbed inkjet printer that prints directly in anodised aluminium plates, including high scratch resistance. In combination with the Polychromal DuraColour inks you can create ultra-sharp prints of texts, images and graphic symbols on aluminium plates up to 100 mm thick.

  • Professional compact aluminium flatbed printer
  • Maximum plate dimensions: 400 x 600 mm
  • Eight-colour inkjet system: C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, LK, LLK
  • Maximum print resolution: 1440 x 1440 dpi
  • Heated vacuum table for optimum print results
  • RIP Software: e.g. Colorgate or Coldera etc.
  • Print height up to 100 mm
  • Refillable cartridges


The current model of the DSE-50 printer is no longer available. We expect to be able to offer the new model in November-December 2019. If you want to receive a message when it is available, please send an e-mail to


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