Polychromal Products

Digital printing


To ensure top quality in digital printing, Polychromal not only supplies anodised aluminium base plates, but also a series of industrial printers that deliver razor-sharp prints and smooth colour gradations. In combination with the DuraColour inks and the proper finish, the printed aluminium plates are not only full of colour, but also extremely scratch-resistant and weather-resistant.


The Polychromal flatbed DSE-Aluprinters are printers for printing in anodised aluminium base plates. They are available in three sizes. In combination with the Polychromal DuraColour inks, they deliver crisp 1440 x 1440 dpi images and are ideal for creating personalized plates, in single pieces, small and medium runs, with sequential numbering and high resolution images.

Base plates

The DuraSeal and DuraPor base plates can be used for digital printing. Both products are anodised aluminium with open pores and a decorative surface structure. The Polychromal aluminium base plates are manufactured in their own modern anodising line and are fully adapted to applications such as digital printing. The open pores ensure that the ink is completely absorbed in the aluminium and with a post-treatment plates are weather-resistant and scratch-resistant.


DuraColour printing ink

Intense colouring solvent-based ink for refillable cartridges from the DSE Aluprinter flatbed. Specifically developed for optimal digital printing in DuraSeal and DuraPor plates.