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Photographic printings


Polychromal supplies photographic aluminium plates for photomechanical printing in aluminium plates. This photographic process is extremely suitable for the production of text, name and front plates in single copies or small print runs. The basis of the printing process is formed by the CopyPhot plates which are provided with a photosensitive emulsion. Images and texts can hereby be copied directly into the anodising skin. Together with the CopyColour printing inks and the sealing process, this ensures a permanent colourful and durable end result.


Anodised aluminium base plates for photomechanical printing in aluminium. The CopyPhot plates with photosensitive emulsion are suitable for exposure using U.V. light, lithographic films and manual CopyColour colouring.


Following exposure with U.V. light, development and drying of the CopyPhot plates they can be coloured with the CopyColour inks which are available in 10 basic colours and 13 mixing colours. Interruptions and pinholes can be easily covered with CopyPhot Retouching Lacquer or with CopyLon (without sensitier) before colouring. The colours can also be mixed in countless variations and made lighter with the CopyThinner.

Multiple photographic processing steps?

Should you wish to make the plates photosensitive again, then CopyLon photo emulsion can be applied. The photo emulsion is suitable for making CopyPhot and DuraSeal base plates light sensitive (again). CopyLon can be applied using the Foduktor Rollercoater.

Download the manual for photographic printing in aluminium


CopyPhot HandyPads
Cotton pads for manual colouring of the CopyPhot plates with CopyColour inks. Content per pack: 100 pads.

CopyPhot Coatingbar

Metal bar wrapped in steel wire for evenly applying CopyLon photo-emulsion to baseplates. Available in 500 mm lengths.