Polychromal INTF


Polychromal INTF uses advanced machining techniques and proven production methods for the production of bespoke graphic and technical plate work products. With an extensive machine park we can perform many operations in-house. As such, our sister division Polychromal Products supplies the aluminium base plates and we have our own anodising line. This allows us to respond quickly to your specific requirements and we have maximum control over the production process. As well as the production, Polychromal INTF can also think along in terms of the design in order to assist you with drawing or DTP activities.



DTP / Work preparation

Polychromal INTF has its own dtp department which is combined with the work preparation. It’s here where everything is digitally prepared and where corrections or additions to files are made if required. The department also provides advice on colour use, finishing and printing methods to be used. Polychromal INTF hereby ensures that production is tailored to your specific product, the print run and the desired durability.



Surface treatments


Mechanical operations and mounting