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Industrial name, text- and front plates

About polychromal

Polychromal is a family business specialised in the production of aluminium base plates, related systems and end solutions made of aluminium, stainless steel or processed plate material. Since the sixties, the company has grown into an international operating organization. The base plates are now used in many types of industries, including the production of machine labelling, control panels, signage and nameplate production. The products supplied by the INTF division are complete, bespoke end product solutions made from different materials.

Discover our aluminium solutions

Under the menu items Polychromal Products, INTF and Digital you will find a lot of information about our solutions with regard to aluminium base plates and products made from aluminium plate material. Should you be looking for a solution for a particular application or want to be supported in the manufacture of an aluminium plate metal product. Then contact us.

Durable aluminium

Aluminum is central to the production of Polychromal. The material is extremely durable due to its 100% recyclability and a long service life of the finished products. In addition, the products at Polychromal are processed in an environmentally-friendly manner and green electricity is used in production.