Polychromal INTF


Production or manufacturing of signage based on customer specification for indoor and outdoor use with a premium look. Polychromal makes signage boards out of anodised aluminium for building or business premises.



Signage for in and around building or business premises

Polychromal makes signage for small to medium-sized buildings such as a school, university, library, care institution, apartment complex, hotel, museum, parking garage, office building etc. Polychromal signage is also used on board ships, in buses or trains. We provide a total solution in signposting and are happy to think along with your signposting plan.


Aluminium Signs

Aluminium signage boards or information panels can be provided with a (full colour) image which is placed deep in the pores of the anodised aluminium. The end result is a decorative scratch-proof and exclusive signage. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable.


Architectural signage - signs for inside and out

Polychromal also manufactures other special signs and creative objects from aluminium. From photo walls to facade embellishment and artistic objects. Polychromal has everything in house to be of service to architects, industrial and graphic designers, artists and project developers and facility managers.

Commission signage and signalling by Polychromal

Signage boards, referencing signs and parking signs are always produced according to your specifications with options of single pieces, small and medium-sized print runs.