Polychromal INTF


Production or manufacture of fire panels and/or alarm panels made to customer specification with a wear-resistant finish. Polychromal makes plates for fire stations, fire panels and emergency centres with possible cut-outs for LEDs, switches, screens or pushbuttons. Because the image is often unique, virtually all panels are produced as single-piece panels.




Digital printing in anodised aluminium

Fire alarm panels, fire station panels or alarm panels can only be manufactured by means of digital printing. The surrounding panels can also be anodised giving the panel a very exclusive look. The print is fully anchored in the aluminium making it an extremely durable product. Digital printing in aluminium makes it possible to efficiently manufacture single pieces or small print runs even in full colour. 

Requirements fire alarm panel

A fire panel is a tool for the fire department. By using it the fire alarm can be localized and a plan of attack made. Specific requirements apply to fire station panels as laid down in local and European standards. A Fire station panel clearly shows a map of all construction layers, which is why one also speaks of a geographic or a Synoptic fire alarm panel.

Applications alarm panel

Fire alarm panels and alarm panels have a broad variety of applications including use in industry and office buildings, but also in public buildings such as museums, libraries and airports etc.

Commission a fire alarm panel or alarm panel by Polychromal

Alarm panels, fire alarm panels or fire station panels are always produced according to customer specifications, with options of single pieces but also small and medium-sized runs.