Polychromal INTF


Polychromal manufactures aluminium information panels and instruction panels in single pieces and small series production to customer specifications. The panels or boards, which are often made of anodised aluminium, are extremely durable, scratch-resistant and graffiti resistant.



Bespoke aluminium instruction panel or information board

The aluminium instruction and information panels are completely made to measure so that they can be provided with the right cut-outs, suspension provisions or spacers.


Architectural signage and art in aluminium
Polychromal also produces other special architectural signs and art from anodised aluminium. From photo boards to artistic objects. Architects, industrial and graphic designers, artists and project developers and facility managers have come to the right place with Polychromal.


Applications of information panels

The Polychromal information panels and instruction panels have a wide variety of applications including parks, cycle routes, museums and as signage in botanical gardens and forests. The panels are weather/graffiti resistant and colourfast. 

Commission an information panel or instruction panel by Polychromal.

Aluminium panels and boards are always produced according to your specifications with options of single pieces, small, medium-sized print runs. In addition to the production of the panels, we also take care of delivery and assembly of associated frames, poles and pedestals.