Polychromal INTF

Aluminium HOUSING

Production / manufacture of bespoke aluminium industrial housings, made of plate material, with a durable and long-lasting finish. Polychromal makes cabinets and housings for instruments and devices that may or may not feature EMC shielding, integrated control components and/or plastic windows such as by Lexan.




Housing for example electronics or instruments

The housings that Polychromal makes for its clients are fully coordinated with the product’s functional requirements. 

Bespoke housing

Polychormal INTF uses different processing techniques, so that your bespoke housing can be efficiently produced.

Anodised with or without print

Aluminium cabinets are provided with a highly scratch-resistant surface by means of anodisation and the desired print or graphic elements are included. All kinds of (full colour) images can be applied to the aluminium with highly durable results. 


The bespoke Polychromal housings cover a wide variety of applications including housings for devices, cameras, instruments, electronics etc.

Commission aluminium housing by Polychromal

Housing will always be produced according to your specifications with options of single pieces, small or medium-sized print runs. Manufacturing prototypes always takes place in close consultation with the customer.