Polychromal INTF

Aluminium or composed front panel and control panel

Production/manufacture of front panel, tableau, control panel made on customer specification with a wear-resistant finish. Polychromal makes these panels for a wide variety of applications from various materials. We deliver a control panel for a machine or instrument fully customised to your specifications.



Commission a front panel, front plate or control panel

Front panels and control panels are always produced according to your specifications, with single pieces, small and medium-sized print runs, but prototypes are also possible.

Composite panels
Front panels and control panels can also be manufactured as a composite aluminium and stainless steel panel, whereby the panels can have a multi-layer construction. Additional mounting facilities, recessed elements, screen positions or EMC shields can also be installed in or on the panels.

Carrier plates made of aluminium
Production of aluminium support plates for thin aluminium front panels, front films and touch screens with the right cut- outs, compression bolts and spacers. After milling, the carrier plates are usually anodised and finished in a clear finish, black or in a different colour.


Anodising and (printing) of supplied panels

We also offer a solution for existing mechanically processed panels or front plates. Polychromal can also finish existing, pre-treated, front and control panels by means anodising, colouring, chromating and sealing. In doing so the objects, with screen or digital printing, can be provided with durable images in the anodising skin.


The Polychromal aluminium and stainless steal products have a wide variety of applications including lecterns, control cabinets or control panels. Among others these can be used as dashboard panels on a ship or boat, as a front panel for electronics, as a fire alarm panel or for mounting in a rack etc.


And type plates
Polychromal can also be of service to you with the production of type plates for your machines and instruments.