Polychromal INTF


Production / manufacture of durable and wear-resistant type plates, labels and identification plates made to customer specification. Polychromal makes type plates for very different applications made of materials, such as anodised aluminium, plastic film and stainless steel, etc.




(Digitally) printed, laser marked, etched or engraved

Many versions of type plates and labels can be printed, laser-marked, etched, screen printed or engraved by Polychromal according to your specifications. During production they may already be provided with sequential numbering or designations. The type plates can of course always be edited/numbered at a later stage.

Anodised aluminium

Aluminium type plates or identification signs can be provided with a protective layer and the requested designations or graphic elements by means of (all-round) anodising. With anodised texts or images, the graphic object is fully anchored in the surface and that makes it extremely durable.

Full colour aluminium type plate

Digital printing in aluminium is also possible. With this technique one-piece or small to medium-sized runs of type plates can be efficiently manufactured whereby a sharp full-colour print can still be applied.


Industrial barcode labels and tags

To identify your product and improve logistics processes. Polychromal manufactures aluminium barcode labels, tags and plates that are extremely durable and weather-resistant. These are available in small and large runs.

CE marking

Indication that your product meets the CE standards is done by means of a type plate, CE label or CE sticker. The CE marking is often included in the type plate but can also be implemented as a separate plate or label. 


The Polychromal type plates, identification signs and labels have a wide variety of applications including machines, instruments, control cabinets, control panels in a factory or on a ship, electronics and vehicles such as buses, forklifts, tractors, trucks, machine rooms, technical rooms and pumps etc.

Commission a type plate by Polychromal

Aluminium and stainless steel type plates and identification signs are always produced according to your specifications with options of single pieces, small and medium-sized runs.