Polychromal Products


Aluminium printers

We have developed the DSE-Aluprinters and Duracolours printing inks especially for digital printing in anodised aluminium. The DSE-Aluprinters are flatbed inkjet printers which can print directly into the pores of the anodised aluminium plates and produce a sublime scratch-resistant result. Polychromal supplies printers in three versions for plate sizes up to 2000 x 1000 mm.

Machines & accessories

In addition to aluminium base plates and printing inks, Polychromal supplies accessories and equipment. The product range includes, inter alia, heated sealing tanks, sealing tanks, covering balls and pH indicators.


Printing inks for both screen printing and digital printing in anodised aluminium. At Polychromal Products we produce and deliver a total package of inks with associated chemicals, cleaning agents and thinners.