Polychromal Products


In addition to aluminium base plates and printing inks, we offer a range of accessories and equipment that help achieve optimal results efficiently. Work productively and accurately on the image quality and durability of your product.

Sealing Tank
Insulated stainless steel tank with heating elements, boil-dry protection, thermostat and drain valve to seal the printed aluminium with. Available in a variety of sizes. Download product specifications.


Sealing Rack
Rack in which the plates with a minimum dimension of 250 x 325 mm and a maximum dimension of 500 x 650 mm can be placed. This rack can be hung in the seal tank with a maximum of 15 plates in one rack.


Sealing Covering Balls
Isolation balls with a diameter of approx. 20 mm to be placed on the surface of the seal water so that the water evaporates less quickly.


Sealing pH Indicator
Litmus paper to measure the seal water’s pH-levels.