Polychromal DSE100 Aluprinter

Following the successful introduction of the DSE60-Aluprinter in 2021, Polychromal is now launching the third generation DSE100-Aluprinter based on the same advanced technology as the DSE60-Aluprinter. The printer has a maximum print size of 1000 x 1000 mm and is equipped with a heatable vacuum table that can be switched on in segments.



  • Maximum print definition: 1440 x 1440 dpi
  • RIP Software: Kothari RIP
  • Fastest printing speed at 1440 x 720 dpi: 40 minutes /m2
  • Print height up to 200 mm
  • Five-colour inkjet system: CMYK + Transparent
  • Refillable bottles
  • Equipped with IMS (ink mixing system) on all the colours for constant motion.
  • Segmented heatable vacuum table for optimum print results.


Printing in anodised aluminium

DSE-Aluprinters have been specially developed for subsurface printing in anodised aluminium plate material. Together with DuraSeal and DuraPor plates and DuraColour inks, these user-friendly flatbed printers deliver a very high image quality and provide a labour- and cost-saving printing process.


The printers are ideal for creating custom plates, single pieces, short and medium runs, plates with sequential numbering and high-resolution images.


Watch the video of the printing process of the DSE-100 Aluprinter below.


If you would like to receive an offer or a sample, please contact our sales department. You can reach us by emailing products@polychromal.nl or by calling +31 (0)72 567 0799.