International industrial producer

Polychromal is a family business that has grown into an international industrial producer since the sixties. Founder Herman F.A. Hensen, father to Stephan and Eric Hensen; current managers, start manufacturing name plates and front panels in 1965 from home. He was continuously experimenting with the photographic process for printing colourful text and images in anodised aluminium, thus laying the foundation of the current innovative company. A passion for the power and appearance of aluminium still forms the driving force behind the activities of Polychromal.


Always developing

A successful pioneering phase in the sixties led to strong growth with several branches in the seventies. In the 1980s, the various business activities were merged into the current headquarters located in Alkmaar. However, the company continued to grow, so that by 2003 a divisional structure was needed. The large variety of clients in very different sectors requested further specialization. Expansion took place in 2008 with a separate location for the INTF division and the heart of the production was radically renewed with an environmentally friendly anodising line. In the same period, the digital DS-Aluprinter and DSE-Aluprinter with corresponding inks were also developed to meet the trend towards digitization. Following construction, the INTF division is, since the summer of 2018, back at headquarters again.

Knowledge, expertise and commitment are central to all developments. Polychromal has developed internationally, but always remains close to the customer and the specific situation.