Polychromal INTF


Polychromal can produce a commemorative plate, memorial plate, Inauguration plate, "first stone" or memorial plate entirely according to your specifications with any image, photo or text requested. The plates, which are often made of anodised aluminium, are extremely durable, scratch-resistant and graffiti resistant. With an appropriate format, a special event, commemoration or an inauguration is given the right ongoing attention.


Bespoke commemorative or memorial plate

An aluminium commemorative plate is completely made to measure and can also be provided with the correct cut-outs or mounting points. Where required we can support you with the layout.


Digital printing in aluminium

With this technique, it is possible to print directly in anodised aluminium plates with the ink being absorbed into the plate. The result is a plate with sublime scratch resistance. A technique that is very suitable for print runs with an alternating image.



With a CO2 laser you can mark anodised aluminium plates of all kinds of colours. The lasered image is white. Many types of plastic can also be cut with this.


Applications and placement
The Polychromal memorial plates, inauguration plates, "laying the first stone” or memorial plaques have a wide variety of applications including placement on buildings, ornamental and gravestones, in gardens and on memorial stones. The aluminium plates are easy to glue or screw and are extremely weather resistant and colourfast.


Commission a commemorative or memorial plate by Polychromal

The aluminium plates are always produced according to customer specifications. In addition to the production of the plates, we also supply any spacers and other mounting material. Polychromal also offers solutions for the production of aluminium facade panels and aluminium instruction panels.