Polychromal INTF

FRONT FILMS or membrane switch

Polychromal INTF makes bespoke solutions for a front film, control film or operating elements such as membrane switches, piezo switches and capacitive switches in combination with any carrier plates and other housing components. The solutions are versatile but often are used as a control panel or control box for machines, instruments and devices.




Printing of membrane switch panel and front film

The membrane switches and front films can be provided with any print requested. The multilayer construction not only provides a wear-resistant protection of the print, but also enables the integration of windows, (embossed) push buttons and possibly electronic components. The bottom layer is self-adhesive where desired and an EMC protective layer can be included in the film.

For prototypes too

Polychromal INTF produces front films and membrane switch panels for small and medium-sized series but also for very small series in the prototyping phase for example.

Polycarbonate of polyester front film

Most films are self-adhesive and are made of transparent polyester or polycarbonate printed on the back. The surface of the film often has a mat or textured finish to prevent fingerprints and reflections. By performing the printing on the back, the print is well protected against wear and discolouration by UV light.


The material is transparent to allow visibility of LEDs and rear display, whereby the film also fully protects the LEDs and the display. The plastics are specially processed where necessary for better adhesion of the ink on the back.


The Polychromal products have a wide variety of applications including machine cabinets, control cabinets or control panels, on a ship or boat, as a front panel for electronics such as network components, converters, amplifiers, or as a fire alarm panel, 19 "panel for mounting in a rack.

Commission Polychromal to make front films or membrane switch panels

Front films or membrane switch panels are always produced according to your specifications with options of single pieces, small, medium-sized print runs. Polychromal INTF helps you as a manufacturer/producer with cost-saving ideas.