The Polychromal premises at our Marterkoog 8 site are undergoing a significant extension. By around the summer of 2018, it is our intention for all Polychromal operations to be housed under one roof at the Marterkoog premises in Alkmaar.


Building work

The first piles were driven in at the end of August and at the moment the foundations are being laid. Construction company Joh. van Duin B.V. has undertaken to complete the project as efficiently as possible without interrupting our business operations. We feel it is important that as a customer you will not be directly affected by the building works.


Centralisation of knowledge and technologies

The reason behind the expansion of the existing Polychromal main building is to bring the activities of Polychromal INTF closer to the Polychromal Products operation. In our new building, a great deal of attention is being paid to efficient routing and logistics, both of which are key to the INTF products which often go through several processes.


Having all the technologies under one roof will enable us to provide our customers with an even better service and help us continue to expand our knowledge exchange activities, including those involving our customers. We shall post updates on how the construction is progressing through our social media channels, Facebook and LinkedIn.